Dec 05, 2019

Here we are again … 20 days left until Christmas. It’s that time of year when we are working hard, shopping even harder, and trying to fit all those holiday parties into our busy schedule. Who says we can’t look and feel amazing during all this merriment?

It is important to take the time for some holiday self-care. By prioritizing your personal needs, you can keep your energy strong and stay healthy mentally and physically during this busy season.

Glutathione Glow

Here at Vitaflow Hawaii our holiday self-care includes a little sparkle. We suggest getting a “Glutathione glow”, This master anti-oxidant is a strong immunity booster and helps produce collagen that literally will make your skin glow from the inside out. Who doesn’t love a little confident boosting sparkle? To help with your holiday self care we are offering a special for all the Glutathione lovers out there.

Self-Love with IV drip infusions

Find the joy in the holidays with our Energy Flow IV Drip. Formulated for mood support and packed with B vitamins to increase energy. A holiday self-care boost to keep you going strong! Delivering these nutrients directly to your bloodstream allows for complete absorption for optimal health and wellness.

Our Hangover Recovery Drip is the perfect antidote to life’s celebrations. Fast hydration relief with prescription medications to relieve headaches, nausea, and gastric discomfort. DRINK, DRIP & RECOVER.

The 2019 holiday season is going to be a breeze thanks to all the holiday self-care! Now that you are recharged, go and spread the joy to friends and family with glowing skin & renewed energy.

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