May 13, 2019

Coolift Facials: Hydration Therapy for Moms During the Month of May

Mom – a word that symbolize an amazing woman who works hard for her family. Day in and day out, Mom is juggling multiple schedules and taking care of everyone around them. Whether you are that busy mom, or you know that busy mom, a​ ​CooLift facial​ can be the perfect way to enjoy some hydration therapy as we celebrate Moms during the month of May.

The Basic Steps of Skin Care

Cleansing and hydrating your face are the basic steps to caring for your skin. By keeping your skin clean, you’re protecting it from the harm that elements in the air can cause. With proper hydration your skin will hold moisture more effectively. By pairing these, you are protecting your face from the inside out!

What CooLifting Does for the Basic Steps

Through this five-minute painless treatment, a hydrating Hyaluronate serum is applied with a carbon dioxide (CO2) gas as a spray. This unique cool mist application allows more absorption of the nutrients into the pores, resulting in a luminous glow that decreases fine wrinkle lines. By stimulating the underlying tissues the skin appears firm and tight resulting in healthy radiant skin.

Coolifting is good for all skin types, it is great as a stand alone treatment or paired with other services such as microneedling and chemical peels to reduce redness. This gives you a chance to make your mini-spa day into a full day of pampering.

Before and After CooLifting

VITAFLOW Hawaii is the only location in all of Hawaii where this service is offered! Contact us today to book your appointment and treat the Mom in your life to the perfect day of relaxation.

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