Biophotonic Scanner

What if there was one simple test that could give you empirical data to see if your lifestyle is healthy or if the supplements you take are actually working?

Now you can with the Biophotonic Scanner. It is a groundbreaking device that gives us a way to non-invasively measure your carotenoid levels in living tissue for insight to your overall antioxidant levels. It is an important biomarker for inflammation, overall health, and risk of disease.

Antioxidants are those little molecules that improve immune function and fight free radicals in your body that you pick up from the environment. Too many free radicals in our bodies can contribute to premature aging and leave us susceptible to sickness and chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Find out your score and get insight into your oxidative stress. We can then tailor your supplements and customize your IV drips to increase your antioxidant levels and improve your score for optimal nutrition.

Be proactive with your health. Get your score today!

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