Jan 3, 2020

A new decade is almost upon us, and with all the options out there to help improve our health and well being we want you to be well informed. We’ve been hearing a lot about fillers these days on social media and the internet. But, aren’t you curious what all the hype is about fillers? Ever been a little confused, or intimidated by all the information out there?

We here at VITAFLOW Hawaii are here to answer all your questions about fillers and injectables. The fillers (which come in multiple forms) are injected into specific areas of the face to give you a natural refreshed look. Many people think by getting filler injections they will look like they have “had work done”. This is not the case at all. Injectable procedures, such as lip filler and cheek filler are performed by a trained doctor or nurse. If done correctly and in the right amount, it helps restore a more youthful appearance without looking “fake”. Natural looking age-management procedures, such as filler, can help anyone look and feel fantastic. Because, it’s 2020 and we are all aging, but why not look our best doing it!

Fillers are made up of Hyaluronic Acid, a substance we naturally have in our bodies. As we age, the connective tissues (fat and collagen) under our skin start to diminish, causing the sagging and wrinkling of our skin. Fillers are designed to add volume to different areas of the face to effectively lift and contour cheeks, smooth laugh lines, and plump the lips. Fillers can help restore volume loss to enhance your natural beauty, making you look younger and give you more confidence! Different types of fillers are used for different areas of the face based on how they attract water. Each filler treatment is customized depending on if you need a softer moisturizing look (lip filler), or more of a plump volume enhancement (cheek filler). Results from filler treatments can last for over one year. We carry 2 different brands of filler products, ​Juvederm​®​ and Restylane​®

So, you might be asking, what about ​Botox​®​ ​i​njections? They are a different treatment option which address wrinkles and fine lines to also give a more youthful, refreshed look. Unlike fillers, which are added to soft tissue, these medications are injected into the muscles to block muscle movement. This temporarily improves the look of forehead lines, crow’s feet lines, and those pesky “11” lines between the eyebrows in adults. Be decreasing muscle movement, fine lines and wrinkles diminish and essentially make you look younger and more fresh faced. Results can vary, but typically lasts around 3 months.

These medications are in the class of neuromodulators and are FDA approved for use in facial muscles. We carry three different brands of neuromodulators: ​Botox​®​ Cosmetic , Dysport​®​ & Xeomin​®

For optimal results, your doctor or nurse will recommend using a combination of filler and neuromodulators. There is an option for every budget and all risks and expected outcomes are discussed in detail with each client before we proceed. We strive to make sure you get the results you want within the budget you have!

We sincerely hope this information on filler and neuromodulators was helpful. Wishing you a Happy New Year in 2020!

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