Hawaii’s premier​ I​V Drip​ lounge conveniently located in Kailua. VITAFLOW Hawaii is a unique lifestyle medical spa dedicated to IV Vitamin therapy , weight loss and esthetic services.

We provide non-invasive result-driven medical treatments in a relaxing lounge environment, to refine age and enhance natural beauty. A lifestyle for everyone to RESTORE & REVITALIZE your body and mind for long lasting benefits.

A hydrated body is a healthy body!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our community live healthy, happy lifestyles. We welcome men, women, athletes, yogis, travelers, and overworked moms and dads. We are the only dedicated IV Vitamin lounge on the island and the first to offer Biophotonic scans to measure the antioxidant levels in your body. Our customized programs optimize wellness, strengthen immunity and boost self-confidence. We want you to look and feel great so you can live your best life!

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Products

We use reef safe sunscreen and medical grade skin care products from Colorescience® to achieve optimal results. Health-forward formulas that provide protection against UV rays and environmental stressors. Blendable and breathable with nutrient-rich ingredients-everything your skin needs to age well and nothing it doesn’t.

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iv lounge hydrate

“IV therapy is a game changer! I received an IV called Immunflow a miraculously healing cocktail. The nurses added a Toradol booster that alleviated my PMS and my nagging shoulder pain (an added bonus). I felt relief before my IV session was completed, Amazing. The next day I woke up feeling noticeably better, well rested and was able to practice and teach 4 hours of hot yoga without feeling dehydrated or depleted! I felt energized, focused and just plain good! I also didn’t need to drink as much water which tells me that my body was properly hydrated. I am thrilled to add IV therapy to my arsenal of maintaining my health and well being to compliment my active lifestyle. Thanks VITAFLOW Hawaii!”

Esther O.

iv drip restore

“On a recent visit to Hawaii I was able to make the most of my trip with the help of Vitaflow Hawaii. The B12 booster was amazing. I have always led an active lifestyle but now in my 40s I often looked to caffeine or energy drinks for that little bit of jolt.  The B12 shot worked great to boost my energy level and allowed me to keep doing what I love without the ups and downs. My Botox treatment was quick, easy and efficient.  It released the tension I hold in my forehead and smoothed out my deep lines.  I look forward to my next visit!”


iv spa restore

“I deal with melasma.  I’ve tried different products and prescriptions that made my skin red, flaky and sensitive to the sun.  Finally, I did my research and came upon microneedling. Yes! This finally worked. It lightened my dark spots, smoothed my skin, and minimized my pores. Then I learned about the Vitaglow drip from VITAFLOW .  Collagen stimulating glutathione, as well and vitamins to improve my skin and well-being. I felt energy that I normally lack.  During the IV drip I was able to do a four minute Cryo facial and Botox. Today is day 3  and I have not felt that sluggish feeling that I typically have between noon to 2 pm. I feel better and more comfortable in my skin and I can still enjoy the outdoors with my family.”

Christine S.